Fire Rescue Team search

An airboat piloted by the Leflore County Fire Rescue team scans the Yazoo River on Tuesday looking for Wesley Haddon Jr., who went missing Friday.

Authorities are still searching for a Greenwood man who has been missing since Friday.

Leflore County Emergency Management Director Fred Randle said he and a team of searchers have been looking for Wesley Haddon Jr., 75, throughout the Yazoo River since Sunday.

Wesley Haddon Jr.

Wesley Haddon Jr., 75, has been missing since Friday, according to Fred Randle, the Leflore County emergency management director. The photo at right of Haddon, a commercial fisherman who lives on Grenada Boulevard, was taken in March by his friend and fellow boater Moss Melton.

Randle said the emergency management agency along with the Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks and Leflore County Fire Rescue have been searching the river from “sunup to sundown” and have found no trace of Haddon.

Randle said that Haddon, a commercial fisherman living on Grenada Boulevard, had a boating accident Friday while on the river and that his boat was found about 6 miles away from the boat landing at around 10 a.m. on Sunday.

Moss Melton, a Greenwood lawyer and avid boater himself, said he often ran into Haddon while out on the river. Melton said he would always take the time to speak with Haddon when on the water and listen to his intriguing stories.

“He’s just a real interesting person,” Melton said, adding that he was amazed that Haddon was able to make a living as a local commercial fisherman in the Greenwood area. “There aren’t any other ones. He’s it.”

Haddon, according to Melton, fished at the three rivers in the area — Tallahatchie, Yalobusha and Yazoo — and would sell his haul from the back of his pickup truck on Grenada Boulevard.

Melton said he and his children would always be amazed to see what Haddon had caught while out on the water. He collected several varieties of fish, such as buffalo and carp.

 Melton said Haddon “was one of a kind” and “always had a smile on his face.”

Randle, who spoke to Leflore County supervisors about the search during their Monday meeting, requested that the county purchase a RescueONE Connector Boat and a Zodiac Milpro Boat in order to help with search-and-rescue efforts. In earlier estimates, he projected that the boats would cost around $40,000 altogether.

The board’s president, Robert Collins, asked Randle to bring quotes back to the board. No further action was taken.

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