The Greenwood Leflore Consolidated School Board needs to fill its board vacancy before September. 

Since the first of this month, the school board has been operating one member short on its five-member panel because the former board president, Deirdre Mayes, resigned from the board the end of June.

At its meeting Tuesday evening, Samantha Milton, the board’s new president, said the board so far has five candidates who have expressed interest in filling Mayes’ vacancy.

According to Kelvin Pulley, the board’s attorney, the vacancy must be filled by Aug. 30.

Board member Dr. Kalanya Moore was elected as the board’s vice president and secretary.

In other business, Superintendent Dr. Mary Brown said maintenance repairs are currently being made at the district’s schools.

On a similar note, the board approved two roofing renovations projects. One was approved for Threadgill Elementary’s pre-kindergarten wing in the amount of $126,820, awarded to MR Roof LLC of Oxford. The second contract approved was for Greenwood High School’s Wing C roof for $254,975, awarded to Dixie Roofing of Winona.

The board also approved:

• Two memorandums of understanding. The first memorandum is between the school district and Delta Health Alliance, a nonprofit healthcare group in the Delta.

Brown said Delta Health Alliance would like to provide a teenage pregnancy prevention program for the district’s students from seventh to ninth grade.

The second memorandum is between the school district and Greenwood Leflore Hospital to provide screening services for the district’s students.

• The district’s 2019-2020 handbook for professional staff, classified staff, and students as well as the student dress code.

• The school board’s schedule for board meetings and work sessions. The school board will meet the first Tuesday of each month.

• Meeting with Mike Ainsworth, who specializes in the management of 16th section land for school districts across the state.

Milton said a 16th section land manager is recommended since the board isn’t specialized in that subject.

In a meeting with Ainsworth, with a date yet to be determined, the board will hear Ainsworth and decide whether to hire him.

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