Preliminary results show a majority of the Greenwood School District’s pre-kindergarten students are ready for kindergarten.

“Our state results for pre-K are looking pretty good,” Dr. Jennifer Wilson, the district’s superintendent, told the Greenwood School Board during its Thursday meeting.

The pre-K program, administered by the Early Learning Collaborative and funded by a grant from the Mississippi Department of Education (MDE), is administered in two locations: Threadgill Primary School and the Gilliam Head Start Center.

Threadgill Primary serves 4-year-old students within the city limits; Gilliam serves pre-K-age students in Leflore County.

The MDE administers a pre-K readiness assesment each year for the Early Learning Collaborative programs, which must show results to continue to receive state funding.

The benchmark score of the pre-K test is 498.

According to MDE, “students with a score of 498 at the end of pre-kindergarten have mastered 70% of early literacy skills.”

At Threadgill, 95% of pre-K students are considered kindergarten ready, Wilson said. This is an increase from last year, when 74% were considered ready.

At Gilliam, 74.6% of students are considered kindergarten ready, Wilson said. The figure last year was 44.4%.

These students are on track to score a 530 or higher on the state’s kindergarten readiness assesment, which would indicate they are likely to become proficient readers by the end of third grade.  

“We still have a few students to test, but I would say at this point we’ve tested 99.9% of all students. So, collectively, all sites have improved their percentage of students meeting the kindergarten readiness score,” Wilson said.

When asked the reason for increased success with pre-K students, Wilson said, “We’re intentional about teaching curriculum. Teachers are more proficient.”

The superintendent also said the district has encouraged parents and guardians to take an active role in their children’s education.

“We’re very pleased with the results and look forward to continue,” Wilson said.

“Those scores indicate children are more than ready for kindergarten,” she said.  

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