Corps of Engineers on River Road

Members of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers use a water pump on River Road on Thursday to transfer water from the road into the Yazoo River.

Though a section of River Road is currently flooded with river water, it should soon recede, according to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

A portion of the street near the east side has been cordoned off by the city of Greenwood since Monday night due to flooding. The water has come onto the street from the river through the drainage system and has not seeped from the river through the concrete walls.

The Corps worked to remedy the flooding problem on Thursday by using a water pump to transfer water from the street back into the Yazoo River.

Engineers also placed sandbags at two points on the street to act as dams.

River Road

The Corps also used sandbags to act as a dam to hold water from building up on River Road.

According to Jason Overstreet, an engineer with the Corps, as the Yazoo River recedes in level, so will the water on the street.

Corps engineers believe a flap gate on the side of the river is being held open, probably by a stick, allowing water from the river to continue pouring into the drains and flood onto the street.

The level of the Yazoo River was 37 feet as of Thursday afternoon, according to the National Weather Service. That is 2 feet above the flood stage of 35 feet.  

From last week’s rainfall, the river had peaked at 37.21 feet on Tuesday, reaching the moderate flooding category, according to NWS.

The highest level the Yazoo River in Greenwood reached was 40.1 feet in 1932, which is in the major flooding category.

NWS predicts that the river will continue to drop slowly, lowering to 36.3 feet by  next Tuesday, meaning that it will still be in the flooding stage. The river’s level is considered normal when it is below 34 feet, according to NWS.

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