Downtown speakers

Speakers placed on Howard Street will soon play music for pedestrians.

A stroll along the jewel of downtown Greenwood will soon include musical accompaniment.

The city is working to install outdoor speakers along Howard from Front Street to Johnson Street, the home of many downtown shops and restaurants.

The speakers, 38 in total, with 19 lining each side of the street, will bring “another mood, or ambience, to downtown,” Mayor Carolyn McAdams said.

She said the speakers should be finished in time for the  Bikes, Blues & Bayous ride, which will be held Aug. 3.

In 2011, when the city was renovating Howard Street with brick sidewalks and crosswalks and period lighting, conduits carrying electrical wiring were installed underground for a future speaker system, said Karl Grubb of Willis Engineering Inc.  He also serves as a consultant for the city.

Recently, the speakers were mounted on concrete bases, Grubb said.

The sound system controlling the speakers will be housed in the second floor of City Councilman Johnny Jennings’  office on Howard Street, McAdams said.

Jennings said he doesn’t mind and is excited about what the speakers will bring.

“We have so many things going on downtown, and it’s good for business,” he said.

“Music’s good. It’ll add another dimension to downtown.”

He recalled a time when he was at an outdoor shopping center in Ridgeland, where outdoor speakers played music.

“I’ve always liked that,” he said. Referring back to Greenwood’s sound system, Jennings said, “We’ll make it a pleasurable experience for people downtown. It’ll be something to be proud of.”

Following Bikes, Blues, & Bayous, the speakers will most likely play music during Thursday, Friday and Saturday afternoons, when people are out and about, McAdams said. They won’t  play music on Sundays, so as to avoid interfering with downtown churches holding services.

The speakers will also come in handy during the Christmas season, the mayor said, since they will play holiday-themed music for shoppers and during the city’s annual Christmas parade.

“I just think that people will be excited to shop downtown and hear different genres of music,” she said.

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So the Greenwood Police can pull you over and ticket you if they think the music in your vehicle is too loud but the city can blare music at you whether you want to hear it or not.

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