The body of a 30-year-old Greenwood man was found late Sunday night along Mississippi 7 with multiple gunshot wounds.

Carroll County Coroner Mark Stiles said a call came into Carroll County dispatch at 11:55 p.m. of a man’s body lying along the white line near the side of Mississippi 7 just north of a branch of the Yalobusha River known as Teoc Creek. The spot is just within Carroll County.

The man was identified as Renaldo Hunt of Greenwood. No specific address for Hunt was given, although prior appearances in the Commonwealth’s Crime Report listed Hunt’s address on Browning Road as late as 2017 after many years on Front Street in Sidon.

The Commonwealth interviewed Hunt in March about his friend, Walter Stewart Jr., whose body had been found by fishermen on the shore of a lake in Sidon. Stewart also had been shot dead.

Hunt frequently appeared in the Commonwealth’s Crime Reports, mostly for traffic violations, marijuana possession, shoplifting and failure to appear in court to face the charges. But he was also charged with home burglary in 2010, domestic violence in 2011, auto burglary in 2006, grand larceny in 2007 and 2009, and assault in 2012.

Hunt had been shot in the leg in May of 2014 in an incident at Broad Street Park in which his cousin, Xavier, an eighth-grader at the time, also was wounded.

Stiles said Hunt’s body showed signs that he hadn’t been dead long. The body was lying on the white line just on the edge of the roadway, hard for drivers to miss seeing, even in the darkness of Mississippi 7.

The body was taken to the Mississippi Crime Lab in Jackson for an autopsy, Stiles said.

The Carroll County Sheriff’s Department could not be reached for further details on Wednesday.

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What is the deal? This is a Sunday night shooting, and it makes the Thursday edition of the local paper. When we read the local paper, we are not reading the news, we are reading history.


Why post his criminal record? That’s his past! What does it have to do with his death smh! Y’all wanna make him look like a bad person but everyone makes mistake and can change!!!


I don’t understand why his prior encounters with the law have to be mentioned. There’s a family and community that need answers.

Third Citizen

A person's criminal record should not dictate their death. Just as you've looked at your previous articles for information on this son of someone, your paper should examine how you write about other victims who also had criminal histories, but aren't black or brown. There is a clear difference. When your reporting on black and brown bodies is done with the exclusion of any other positive images or even just full contextualization, you fall into stereotypical and cherry-picking sensationalized story-telling rather than fact-based reporting. Do better Commonwealth. Read the studies that show how the above type of reporting contributes to more black and brown deaths, as well as a lack of compassion and empathy for a number of God's children.


How could you degrade someone even when they’re deceased. This is my cousin, to sit here and read this article makes me sick to my stomach. You have no respect for renaldo, his mom, his kids, nor any of his relative. Regardless of what his criminal back ground says about him, he was still loved by many. What if this was one of your family member? How would you feel sitting at home while you’re grieving the lost of your love one and you have to read some bull like this!!! This says a lot about Greenwood Commonwealth as a whole, Just this one article alone. This isn’t the first time y’all have done something like this and I see it won’t be the last.

(Edited by staff.)


This news and the news is news; criminal record and all.
This is the same sad story in the news once a day it seems.
Surely his criminal record is not a surprise to any of his family? Save the accolades for the obituary.
As sad as this is for the family you had to see where he was taking his life. Someone knows who he was with. Someone knew how he was wasting his life in crime. Now is the time to talk and stop this criminal history from becoming a way of life with future generations. Now is the time to make some life changes. How many more lives have to end before the family takes control of their community, their kids and their ‘friends.’

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