Video has surfaced showing the altercation that occurred last month between a Mississippi Valley State University professor and a student.

The video, posted on Facebook Wednesday, is 30 seconds long and differs in some aspects from the incident report provided earlier to the Commonwealth by the MVSU Police Department.

Prior to the altercation on Feb. 1, Ronald Minks, an associate professor of art, had called the campus police to come to his classroom because he claimed a student was being disruptive and had refused to leave. The altercation occurred before officers arrived.

The video begins with Minks blocking an unidentified female student from exiting the doors of his classroom.

The student shoves Minks and leaves the classroom, but apparently drops her cellphone. Standing in the doorway, Minks kicks the cellphone back into the classroom.

The student follows and unsuccessfully tries to recover the cellphone, then slaps Minks forcefully on the back of his head.

According to the incident report, the student told campus police that she “punched (Minks) in the back” because he was pushing her back to keep her from leaving.

On the video, after the blow to Minks, another female student enters the picture to pick up the cellphone. Two more students join her — one male and a third female student. The male student pushes Minks to the side, while the third female student pulls him away at the same time. The video ends with all leaving the classroom but the third female student.

MVSU officials have declined to say what action, if any, was taken against Minks or any of the unnamed students involved, saying it was a personnel matter.

When reached earlier this week, Minks declined to comment.

The campus police report was provided to the Commonwealth only after it had filed a formal public records request.

The report redacted the name of the student Minks initially complained about.

The video, by early evening Wednesday, had received more than two dozen comments on  Facebook. One of those came from Jacquline Wooden Green, who identifies herself as the mother of the student at the center of the incident.

Green writes that Minks “brought all of this on hisself, like the campus police told him when he called them to escort her out they say that there’s nothing they can do cause she’s trying to leave on her own and he should have just let her leave instead of blocking the door to keep her in the room.”

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With the amount of racial hate in Leflore county, The teacher has no business at valley.

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