Mississippi Valley State University officials are refusing to talk about a scuffle that occurred last month between a professor and more than one student.

The only information the university has released is a partially redacted copy of a campus police report that was provided to the Commonwealth after the newspaper filed a formal public records request.

According to the report, campus police were called to a classroom on Feb. 1 and were told of an altercation that had just occurred involving Ronald Minks, an associate professor of art, and two students. The name of one student is redacted in the report, and the name of the other is not included.

The report shows the incident occurred in the university’s Fine Arts building at about 11 a.m.

Minks, who has taught at the university since 1988, called the police after he found a female student in his class to be disruptive and asked her to leave.

When she refused, he called police and “words (were) exchanged between the student and Mr. Minks,” the report says, although it doesn’t elaborate on what was allegedly said.

The 20-year-old student claimed that when she finally did get up to leave the class, Minks blocked the door.

“The student stated that she started pushing Mr. Minks out of the way so she (could) get out of the room. That is when the other student got involved to keep (name redacted) from getting hurt because she is pregnant.”

The report said the pregnant student claimed that she hit Minks in the back only after he “started pushing her back to prevent her from leaving the class.”

The report lists Minks as the “suspect” in the incident and the student as the “victim,” although Minks had called in the complaint. Apparently no charges have been filed.

Minks declined to comment when reached.

The university would provide no further information about the incident or answer questions about some of the specifics in the report.

Calls to MVSU Police Chief Xavier Redmond were redirected to Brittany Davis-Green, MVSU’s communications director.

She said she would not comment about what happened to Minks or the students.

“That’s a personnel issue,” Davis-Green said.

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