Details are still scant surrounding the death of 34-year-old Greenwood resident Lamarcus Hemphill, whose body was discovered by family members in a field off U.S. 82 East on Tuesday.

Staff Sgt. Ronnie Shive, a spokesperson for the Mississippi Highway Patrol, says that an autopsy report for Hemphill is  likely to take some time given understaffing at the Mississippi Crime Lab in Jackson, where the body was sent for an autopsy.  

Lamarcus Hemphill


According to Shive, Hemphill was stopped by a state trooper  on the afternoon of Jan. 31 near the U.S. 82-49 overpass after the trooper noticed Hemphill’s vehicle weaving in and out of both lanes of traffic.

Hemphill fled the scene on foot after being pulled over, and the  trooper did not pursue him, according to Shive. The trooper then had Hemphill’s vehicle towed.

On Saturday, Hemphill’s family reported him missing to the Greenwood Police Department, Deputy Police Chief Marvin Hammond said.

In addition to a police search, the family began looking for Hemphill in various locations throughout town, Hammond said.

The family eventually began searching in a field off U.S. 82 East, near  McDonald’s and The Landing Convenience Store & Fueling Center.

On Tuesday, around 2:30 p.m., relatives of Hemphill found his body about 1½ miles east from where he was originally pulled over. They then called the police.

Hammond said he was unsure how family members knew to search the field.

Shive has said that Hemphill’s body had no gunshot wounds and that members of the family were aware of that.

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