Four candidates so far have filed qualifying papers to run for the Greenwood Leflore Consolidated School Board.

In November, elections will be held to elect two board members, one each from Leflore County supervisor Districts 4 and 5. This is required by the state law that mandated the July 1 merger of the Greenwood and Leflore County school districts.

The qualifying deadline is Sept. 6.

Ro’Shaun A. Bailey is running for the District 4 seat. He is an assistant vice president of  student affairs and campus life at Mississippi Valley State University.  

Cora Denise Stewart Lowe, a District 4 candidate, said she turned in her qualifying papers Wednesday. She was scheduled to speak at the Greenwood Voters League meeting Wednesday night.

Candidates for the District 5 position so far are George Ellis Jr. and Jackie Lewis.

Ellis served on the Greenwood School Board until the district was dissolved. He also served a  brief term, which ended in January, on the consolidated board.

Lewis is the principal of St. Francis of Assisi Elementary School.

The consolidated school board is currently composed of two members elected from supervisor districts as well as two members of the former Greenwood School Board.

The new members elected in November will begin four-year terms on Jan. 1. They will fill a seat now held by former Greenwood board member Randy Clark and a seat left vacant when Deirdre Mayes stepped down at the end of June.

The board is looking to appoint a temporary board member by Sept. 1 to fill the vacancy. This person will hold office until the end of December.

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