Despite periodic rainfall throughout the day Thursday, and a flash flood warning issued by the Jackson bureau of the National Weather Service, Greenwood had no problems with flooding, according to a city official.

Susan Bailey, director of the city’s Public Works Department, said there was no major flooding in the city Thursday as municipal employees drove around town to ensure drainage ditches and inlets were clear of debris.

The Jackson bureau of the weather service on Thursday issued a flood warning  for portions of the state as a result of continued rainfall.

Parts of the Delta, including Greenwood and an additional portion of Leflore County, were flagged as having an “elevated threat” of flooding until noon Friday. Assigning an “elevated threat” to an area means that it will likely receive 3 to 5 inches of rainfall and that flash flooding is likely.

According to the weather service, Greenwood received 1.10 inches of rainfall by Thursday afternoon.

Bailey said it’s the responsibility of the residents, rather than the city, to keep their ditches free of leaves and other items.

Debris left in drainage ditches can block water from moving into the storm drains, Bailey said.

Debris in drainage ditches  contributed to the buildup of floodwater last February,  when the city and county dealt with flooded streets and homes due to a torrent of rainfall.

According to the weather service, Greenwood received 10.36 inches of rain in February, including 8.5 inches from Feb. 19 to Feb. 22. At least 21 residences in the county, including three within Greenwood, were flooded.

Bailey said that the Public Works Department provides leaf bags to residents at its office.

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