Curressia Brown

Dr. Curressia Brown, acting chair of Mississippi Valley State University’s Business Department, works at her office. Brown worked late into the night Sunday to process her students’ class registrations in time so they would not have to pay a late fee.

While others may have been cozying up at home during Sunday night’s snowfall, one Mississippi Valley State University faculty member spent the late hours of the night ensuring her students were registered for the spring semester.

“We had some students who, for whatever reason, weren’t able to register until the end of the week or the weekend,” said Dr. Curressia Brown, acting chair of MVSU’s Business Department. She spent five hours at her office on MVSU’s campus to get these students registered in time so they would not have to pay a $100 late fee come Monday.

Online registration for spring semester classes began in mid-October, but Brown said that because of uncertainty related to the COVID-19 pandemic, some students had to wait to see how their finances or other matters turned out before they could register.

Due to the large number of students who registered for classes at the last minute, Brown said in a video post on her Facebook account that she came back to campus to process their class registrations in order to have those students avoid paying late fees.

“For students, every dollar counts,” Brown said, noting that a $100 late fee could be costly for students negatively affected by the pandemic.

Monday marked the first day of classes for the spring semester at MVSU. The first three weeks of classes will be held virtually.

Brown, who teaches two classes in her department, said the advantage of virtual learning is having the convenience of taking classes wherever you are — but she also said with a laugh that “you’re always working.”

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