The city of Greenwood may soon have a new police chief.

The City Council will vote on a resolution to appoint Capt. Terrence Craft of the Police Department as the new police chief during its 4 p.m. Tuesday meeting.

If the council votes to appoint Craft to chief, which Mayor Carolyn McAdams said she expects the resolution to be approved, the current police chief, Jody Bradley, would stay in the department as an executive administrator, the mayor said.

The new appointments would take effect immediately, according to the resolution.

“He’s very professional, very smart, very, very capable of doing this job. I really and truly think he has the opportunity to become one of the best chiefs Greenwood has ever had,” McAdams said of Craft.

Bradley’s role within the department would be an “overseeing job,” McAdams said, which would entail overseeing the department’s budget, accreditation, ordering equipment as well as providing press releases to the public when required.

The role of executive administrator does not require law enforcement certification, similar to other non-certified roles in the Police Department, such as dispatchers and clerks, the mayor said.

Not being a certified police officer when Bradley, 72, was appointed by the City Council in late 2019, and having yet to become certified, has been a point of controversy.

As chief of police, Craft’s duties will include managing the daily operations of the department as far as it pertains to public safety, such as organizing police patrols or handing assignments to police officers, as well as handling officers’ promotions, McAdams said.

A native of Itta Bena, Craft, 39, has been with the Greenwood Police Department for more than 17 years.

He started out as a patrol officer, moved to the narcotics division and has also guided the training and certification process for police officers and dispatchers. Craft has also helped with the department’s recruitment efforts.

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