The cold weather has forced a lot of people to stay inside, but some generous residents are doing what they can to help their neighbors.

Lawson Tharpe

Lawson Tharpe

Shelby Tharpe

Shelby Tharpe

Shelby Tharpe said she and her husband, Lawson, have been riding around to deliver supplies to others in need since Tuesday.

“We here in Greenwood are not used to all of this,” Shelby said Wednesday. “We need to be able to lean on those who can reach out and help.”

She said the couple had been delivering everything from groceries for elderly residents to snacks for children. “We heard one little boy say, ‘Mama, someone just dropped off a thousand Lunchables for me!’ and we just thought that was the cutest thing,” Shelby said, laughing.

“Everybody knows everybody here, and so we started going around checking on those and calling up those we know may need help,” she said.

The Tharpes, owners of Time to Shine Pressure Washing, have a rugged vehicle with mud grip tires to get them through the snow and ice. Shelby Tharpe said these conditions should be taken very seriously.

“I would say if they don’t think it's worth the risk, I wouldn’t go out,” Tharpe said. “The roads are bad, and they’re just getting worse.”

She said she was inspired to do this because her great-grandmother is staying with the couple, helping watch their 8-month-year-old son, Grant. She said she recognized that people who have a harder time getting around in the snow and ice need more assistance.

“You don’t want people who can’t be out to be out. It just too dangerous.” she said.

Johnathan Hawkins

Another good Samaritan, Johnathan Hawkins, said he was moved to help his community after seeing people struggle on the road.

“I saw a couple that slid into a ditch,” he said. “So that kind of sparked the idea of just trying to help out.”

Hawkins, who also owns a power washing company — Mighty Clean 662 — said he has been using his four-wheel-drive vehicle since Tuesday to run errands for about a dozen Greenwood residents.

“I have made a few trips to McDonald’s, (Greenwood) Market Place — just different places to try and help people,” he said.

On the Mighty Clean 662 Facebook page, Hawkins says, “Don’t pay up. But make a donation that will benefit local organizations.”

“Greenwood takes care of me, so I’m trying to care of it,” he said.

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