Greenwood Leflore Hospital is getting a new radiation machine to treat cancer patients.

The hospital’s board approved Tuesday the purchase of a $2.3 million linear accelerator.

The machine uses microwave technology to deliver radiation or X-rays to tumors. It can pinpoint and kill cancer cells without destroying surrounding healthy tissue.

Chief Financial Officer Dawne Holmes said the purchase will be financed over five years at cost of $42,000 per month. At a 2.59 percent interest rate, the hospital will pay around $150,000 in interest over the course of the loan.

The board also approved changing reporting platforms for physicians to help them better understand why government or private insurance denies payment for treatment. The request for a better system to translate “denial reports” came from the Physicians Advisory Council.

The current platform used at the hospital, Holmes explained, gives the report in code that is hard to interpret. The new system, which will cost slightly less than the current reporting system, will provide descriptions and other tools to make the reports more comprehensible.

Holmes reported that renewal of the hospital’s insurance policies will cost roughly the same in the coming year as they did last year. She also told the board that the Sumner Clinic run by the hospital is up for rent renewal. The town of Sumner owns the building and only charges the hospital the cost of property insurance, or less than $200 per month, for its use. The renewal cost will be known in July and is expected to remain approximately the same.

There were no committee reports. The board went into executive session to discuss recruitment, medical staff matters, credentialing, strategic planning and quality assurance matters.

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