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I just “86ed” some of my garden by tossing freeze-damaged plants and trimmings into my leaf-pile compost bin. It will be run back through the garden later.

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One of the things that I enjoy the most about working with children and teens as a professional counselor is that I stay hip to the current trends.

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I got clip-happy on a sunny day this week, whacking on shrubs and trees to get ready for another summer of flowers and fruit, and rooting some of the cuttings.

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In addition to seeing clients in my counseling practice, I also teach a couple math classes at Delta Streets Academy.

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This past weekend, I was cleaning out a bookshelf and found some books I had purchased on my last trip to San Francisco. I was there to visit my sister, and while there, one of my favorite places we visited was Alcatraz. I love history, and what a great deal of history there was to learn on …

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Last week I stepped off the never-ending Mobius strip I call garden seasons to give a gaggle of neighborhood kids a little nature perspective.

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This midwinter, I’m enjoying a couple of classic Southern bulbs from the gardens of my great-grandmother and two grandmothers. They come up every fall and grow through the worst winters, with no care whatsoever.

It’s been said that one person’s sweet perfume is another’s stink. Well, whether a smell is good or bad, it’s welcome in my garden. To a point.

We recently had our annual Christmas party at our church. We are members of the Cruger Independent Methodist Church. When we first married and joined the church, we had quite a large congregation. We have dwindled in numbers, but our congregation is very close-knit and we have a wonderful ch…

The adage that “hindsight is 2020” is usually pretty apropos. But, looking back, how about changing it to “let’s put 2020 in hindsight” and say goodbye to a weird year?

Might not be any snow, but with a pair of loppers and shears, we can transform winter gardens into lollipops and gumdrops. But a word to the thin-skinned: If you go crazy with creative trimming, you’ll get trash-talked.

I love homemade soup. I could make a big pot of soup on the weekend and have a bowl every night for supper. My sweet husband, who never ever complains about meals, does not have the same feeling. He likes a bowl of soup, but then he is done. Thank goodness most soups freeze well.

For many people, Christmas is their favorite time of the year. It’s a time that we celebrate with family and friends and take some time off from our busy schedules to slow down and spend time with loved ones. This is a time of year that we celebrate the good things in life, and we often show…

On Thanksgiving Day, more than 45 million turkeys will be prepared in the United States. That is more than 736 million pounds of turkey, roughly the same weight as the Empire State Building. The average person will consume more than 3,000 calories by the end of the day.

Quick breads are breads that are leavened with leavening agents rather than yeast. They can be prepared quickly and reliably without requiring the time-consumed labor and climate control needed for traditional yeast breads.

Bumper stickers are everywhere. I always enjoy reading them in my daily travels. The stickers tell fellow drivers everything from where we vacation to our favored political candidates to our favorite college teams.

This is a shameless celebration. It’s mostly about a particular tree, but after two decades of pushing hard for it, even lobbying two special commissions, I’m over the moon to finally salute the magnolia flower on my beloved state’s new flag.

I was recently making my Thanksgiving plans and called my mom to check with her about coming up to visit. My parents live in northern Michigan, so late November can be a rough time to go visit. But I was also born and raised there, so I know what to expect.

My garden is sprouting a pop-up bonanza of sorts, with cool, wet weather coaxing surprise toadstools and puffballs from underneath my feet.

October is National Spinach Lover’s Month. Spinach isn’t just for Popeye anymore. It has become one of the most popular green vegetables in the nation. March 26 has been declared as National Spinach Day. Spinach can be served fresh or cooked by steaming, boiling or sautéing.

Recently, I was talking with a friend about how I would rate myself on a scale of one to 10. I know myself better than anyone else (obviously), and therefore I am all too well acquainted with my own personal shortcomings.

Since 2013, Merriam-Webster has annually proclaimed a Word of the Year. This is an honor based on the number of times a word or an expression is used online and how frequently it compares to the previous years. Some past winners have been blog in 2004 and bailout in 2008.

My article today may not be a popular one. Today I am on my soap box. My article is strictly about some recent observations I have made. Not just at school, but by reading and researching and listening to people I come in contact with in my everyday life. I have always loved children of all …

Goldenrod is blooming, and with early autumn colors hinting at the darkness to come, it won’t be long before daylight saving time ends, and we’re left to reminisce on a porch swing or by the garden fire.

Garden space is precious, as are the time, effort and expenses required to grow stuff there. So, unless you garden for therapy, occasionally think about minimizing inputs and maximizing outputs. And grow what you need.

I’ll never forget one particular day in the sixth grade. My class was playing kickball for PE, and I was already a little frustrated because I thought that the PE teacher had stacked the teams by putting nearly all of the good players on the other team.

Asparagus is one of my favorite vegetables. I love going to the grocery store or farmers market and finding the fresh stalks this time of year. I even invested in an upright steamer to make preparing fresh asparagus a breeze. One time I thought about planting some until I found out that you …

We have a few weeks of school under our belts, and things are going remarkably well. I will be honest and say that I spent a few sleepless nights wondering what a typical day of school would be like with all the changes in our lives. I also don’t really remember what a typical, normal day is like.

Having watched a lot of television over the past few months, I began to really take notice of some of the commercials. I wondered how much influence advertisements have on our purchasing certain brands.

Nearly every time I’ve worked with a couple, they’ve listed communication as one of the primary reasons that they decided to seek therapy. This fact was emphasized to me when a man at my church told me that if I didn’t think that every couple needed work on communication, then I wasn’t worth…

When you live in the country — even though I actually live in town, it is still like being in the country — you learn to keep a ready stocked pantry. Staples are kept up to date, the freezer is full, and favorites are always on hand. I keep a list in my kitchen of things in which we are runn…

Every summer I feel like hanging up my hat on advising about lawn care, because people gonna do what they’re gonna do, regardless of what’s best for the lawn.

My sixth graders have a daily writing assignment for their journals each day. The first day of school I usually have them write something about their summer vacation. This year my first-day topic will be “What have you been doing since March?”

Decisions, decisions. In my garden I’m darned if I do, darned if I don’t. So here’s a plea for thoughtful empathy, that borders on a rant.

A common theme I hear from clients who are parents is the guilt they experience from their own shortcomings in their parenting.