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I frequently get asked questions about why I live in Greenwood. One particular interaction stands out.

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We will soon mark our country’s birthday. Americans will celebrate with parades, fireworks and barbecues. Friends and family will gather to share and be thankful for the many freedoms we enjoy.

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I write a lot about the four-generation family women who influenced my gardening approach, but haven’t given enough props to my dad’s mom, a prim garden club flower judge who instilled an appreciation for striving for ideals. Her books of blue ribbons were proof that attention to detail and …

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Father’s Day is a wonderful day set aside for men all over the world — a day that should be celebrated as strongly as Mother’s Day.  Unfortunately, it is a time that is often overlooked for so many.

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Imagine you live in New York or Chicago, and every morning you take the train or subway on your commute to work. How would you want to spend that time?

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Dang it. I just discovered a young tree seedling in my garden that will sooner or later have to be cut down, but it seems wrong, maybe unpatriotic, to do it.

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Everyone has felt the pain of being left out. Maybe it was a birthday party or a sleepover that you didn’t get invited to in grade school. Perhaps you didn’t get asked to sit at a particular table at lunch, or no one asked you to a high school dance.

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As I write this week’s column, I am looking at a precious sight. My granddaughter and several of her friends are swimming in our pool. They are laughing and giggling, stopping for snacks, and enjoying each other’s company. It is Leila Rose’s 10th birthday.

This week’s emails included some real doozies, from an unusual problem with poison ivy to what kind of plant do I want to reincarnate as to whatever it is that Imogene Fitch wants me to do.

Are the concrete chicken, big urn and homemade toadstools in my garden antiques, heirlooms or just old? Not too many folks get bogged down in semantics, but there are subtle differences in those terms.

One thing that I frequently hear in conversations with clients is a fear that they might be acting outside of God’s will.

I did not grow up a cat lover, but I married one. Since I was allergic to cats as a child, I was never around them. That is one allergy I’ve grown out of, and I couldn’t be happier about it. We have never gone out looking for a cat as a pet; they seem to find us.

Ever notice how a cat can’t help raising its rear when you stroke its back? Vines do the same thing. Sorta.

Since being at home for almost two months, I seem to have been cooking more than ever. My freezer is full of casseroles, soups and sauces. I’ve stocked up on kitchen and pantry essentials. Trying new recipes and preparing some of our old favorites has been a daily ritual.

A landscape is largely defined by its lines. You can change or soften them, but the edges between things, whether straight, curvy or a mishmash, are characterful.

During the seven years I taught fourth grade at Cruger-Tchula Academy, one of the favorite units of study we had was a study of birds in our science class. We drew all of the different birds we studied and made a scrapbook. Of all the birds we studied, the hummingbird always seemed to be the…

You don’t have to play an instrument or be a singer for music to be a big part of your life.

To say that our lives are in a tailspin would be putting it mildly. The thought of not being in church on Easter Sunday just adds to the sadness. I know we can worship in other places than in church, but on this special Sunday, there doesn’t seem to be any better place to be.

News channels are being bombarded with information on COVID-19 from television, social media, radio, video chatrooms, conference calls and personal conversations among family and friends. It is important to stay abreast of the changes pertaining to this pandemic, but we must be careful not t…

In these uncertain days of social isolation and children underfoot, there are some alluring ideas for keeping busy in the garden without overloading yourself, and for entertaining bored kids.

Last week was my mother-in-law’s birthday. She would have been 92 this year. Steve and I rode to the cemetery to take some flowers and began to reminisce not only with stories of her, but also of my father-in-law.

As life changes in this evolving COVID-19 pandemic, let us seek ways to share joy and be joyful rather than be overwhelmed by the mass quantity of information available.

Gardening and home cooking have a lot in common, creating sustenance and comfort by combining basic ingredients using simple techniques.

Last week, I was reading a magazine article about a birthday party a grandmother had given for her granddaughter’s second birthday. She chose to have a “high tea” for her birthday party theme.

When I left for spring break at the beginning of last week, I never thought I’d return to Mississippi and not be able to buy toilet paper. But in a mere week, it feels like our world has come crashing down.

Natural disasters, such as tornadoes and severe storms, are things we don’t like to think about until necessary. Mississippi ranks seventh in a list of 10 for the likelihood of natural disasters. From floods to all the other natural disasters around us, I believe it is imperative that we giv…

The first time I became aware of bottle trees was years ago while watching the movie “Ghosts of Mississippi.” A bottle tree was placed outside the children’s window to protect them from evil spirits. Steve gave me a bottle tree not too long ago, and I love it.

I hesitated to write this article, because I also work with people of the opposite sex and did not want to insinuate that such a thing was occurring in our workplace. I was, however, inspired to write this article due to a friend losing her marriage to an affair in the workplace. It is a top…

February brings up love, hearts and caring for others. This month, we are encouraging readers to show love and respect in a health-promoting way — and to focus on yourself first. If we don’t take care of ourselves, we won’t be able to help anyone else for very long. Remember, showing love fo…

Love is such a powerful word. It is often used among couples with no regard to the true meaning. As you observe Valentine’s Day this year in whatever way you choose, please consider the meaning of love and the genuine affection you desire to show to your mate.