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I love to watch television. The moment I get up in the morning I turn on all the lights, televisions and open up the windows. I have my favorite things I like to watch but enjoy quite a variety of shows. This brings me to the subject of commercials. The average American watches over 24,000 c…

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Whacking overgrown shrubs back hard, like changing diapers, needs doing occasionally and can be worrisome the first time. But it usually works out fine.

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Several months ago, my children broke it to me that my granddaughter was going to summer camp. I immediately became sick at my stomach. My best friend, Kathy, and I went to summer camp when we were her age. We were miserable — I can’t even tell you how miserable we were. I promised the good …

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All of us have heard the familiar phrase “Are we there yet?” from children who are bored from sitting for what they perceive as an endless amount of time in a vehicle or are so excited about their destination that they just can’t wait any longer.

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During the summer, many people enjoy cookouts with family and friends as a way to celebrate special occasions such as the Fourth of July or unwind from a stressful week.

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Today I was thinking about how the life of a teacher changes during the summer months. It takes the first couple of weeks out of school to get accustomed to not being rushed. There’re no plans to make, no papers to grade, and you’re not constantly living by the clock.

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I have a cellphone that I have with me all the time.  However, it is not attached to the end of my arm, and I do not look at it constantly. I don’t always immediately respond to a text.  My friends realize that now and just patiently wait until I happen to check my phone.

A study conducted by Michael Lamb of the University of Michigan found that children had similar reactions to separation from each parent. For instance, when their father left, the children would cry or complain just like when their mother left. Other research results indicate that children 7…

One of the first meals I ever ate in my husband’s home was lovingly prepared by his precious Mama. I was invited to attend church with his family and then stay for lunch. We had delicious roast, rice and gravy that was to die for. Also black-eyed peas, strawberry congealed salad and her home…

When we travel to the city of Jackson, I always pause when we leave the Lexington Square and pass a church on the outskirts of the town. I thoroughly enjoy reading the church’s marquee messages for the week. I don’t know who is responsible, but they never disappoint.

Do you struggle with worrying? Have you ever called yourself (or been called) a worry wart? Have you ever wondered how some people can live so seemingly carefree while you are almost always thinking and analyzing every possible thing that could happen?

Spring makes me want to get in the kitchen and cook.  There are so  many websites that I love to visit and get ideas for dishes to prepare.  Today I have three recipes that I have added to my recipe box as what we like to call “keepers.”

Easter Sunday lunch is one of the first spring meals that we prepare. Gone are the heavy meals, soups and chowders. We think about salad and vegetable dishes that are a lighter fare.

I recently had the opportunity to hear Mr. Nathan Dunaway speak to our elementary school students. The Dunaway family of Madison lost its 13-year-old grandson, Jack, a little over two years ago. The message was about kindness and being nice to people.

Teenagers are likely to experience stress when they perceive a situation as painful, dangerous or difficult. An inability to cope with the stresses they face may lead to anxiety, depression, aggression, physical illness and poor coping skills, such as alcohol or drug abuse.

An older man in my church came up to me several years ago and asked me how things were going in my counseling practice. After I had given him the standard “Things are going well” response, he jokingly asked me if I had figured out how to change anyone yet. He then told me, “Mischa, no one ch…

Spring is just around the corner, and I can’t wait for that fresh spring and summer produce to hit the stores and farmers markets. Strawberries are the first fruit to ripen each spring. I love to see those beautiful baskets of luscious red strawberries. I can never resist.

Just before spring break, I judged a beauty pageant, and they had a basket of goodies for each judge. One of the things in the basket was a local cookbook. I received several food magazines the next day. I was ready for the beginning of our break.

You use the pantry every day, but it is easy to overlook when you are cleaning. It may seem like a daunting task but it really doesn’t take long. When you get the pantry clean, be sure to re-stock with some healthy staples.

I have often written of my love for my pets. My husband, Steve, falls into the same category. About 10 years ago, he rescued a tiny black puppy and took her to our farm. We referred to her as Lucy, the farm dog. She loved to run and play in the woods. Every afternoon, Steve would ride out an…

While a lot of my job is to share interesting garden techniques and “how-to” information, sometimes I’m asked for help with interpersonal or social issues.

Benton Academy recently hosted the State AA Basketball Tournament. I was responsible for the food in our hospitality room for all school coaches, administration and officials. It was quite an undertaking, but I enjoyed every minute of it.

I have a collection of crosses in my den. For Christmas, a student gave me a beautiful wooden one with the word “blessed” inscribed on it. As I admired it yesterday, I thought about how truly blessed I am.