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New Year’s resolutions are interesting because they point to the common goals of our society. While the top resolutions are no surprise in that they deal with our health and physical appearance, one resolution caught my attention. The fifth most common resolution of 2020 was to reduce stress…

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I have several friends who have just had December weddings in their families. I also have three weddings to attend this spring. Then, summer weddings start usually in May.

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Don’t know when or why, but somewhere along the line I stopped being an “even” numbers guy. Now I’m a happily odd guy, at least when it comes to symmetry in the garden.

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It’s a rite of passage for millions of Americans every year. Come Dec. 31, more than 100 million people make New Year’s resolutions, perhaps planning to eat more healthfully, lose weight, save money, read more or one of many other self-improvement goals.

After teaching for 20 years, I have accumulated some hilarious memories. Anything that has to do with school, students and their parents is amusing to me — well, most of the time. A friend sent me this list of actual notes sent to school by parents concerning their children. I laughed until …

Divorce in itself is very stressful for all involved, especially when you have young children. When you add the holidays in the mix of divorce, it makes the situation just that much more challenging due to memories that can make family members feel hurt, sadness, anger or disappointment.

The Museum of the Mississippi Delta, formerly known and still affectionately referred to as Cottonlandia, is celebrating its 50th anniversary.

Steve and I recently attended our granddaughter’s Grandparents’ Day program at Pillow Academy. She had asked us several times if we were coming. We assured her that we would both be there — little does she know, nothing could keep us away.

Colorado resident Vince Rozmiarek is responsible for the Indian Hills Community Center in Indian Hills of Jefferson County. The census records this town’s population as 1,280, but the signs he posts up to three times a week are making this small town internationally famous.

Worrying is something that everyone does. We worry about our kids, our spouses, our health, our finances, what others think about us and pretty much anything else that is important to us. If we care about it, we tend to worry about it.

As I was sitting at my desk, I was reminded of a conversation I had recently with a coworker. I remember the feeling of sadness I felt as I listened to the struggles shared of what she and her family had experienced and continue to feel as a result of the recent floods in the Mississippi Del…

Some of the most unusual, ancient creatures on earth are living in your garden, happily weathering the worst weather thrown their way. Some gardeners see them as monsters, which is sorta the truth.

I can’t imagine a more boring topic than mulching the garden. But I respect it, though in last week’s heat it almost killed me.