Greenwood Utilities celebrated the history and the benefits of community-owned utilities with five days of activities in honor of Public Power Week.

The national event is held annually on the first week of October, and the week

long festivities help customers and stakeholders understand how they can better engage with their community-owned utility and benefit from all its offerings.

Greenwood is a public power community, which means residents own their electric utility and can participate in running it.

“It means you benefit from affordable energy, better service, and we are staffed with hardworking employees who care about the community and take pride in serving our friends and neighbors in Greenwood,” a press release from Greenwood Utilities said.

Celebratory banners were placed throughout Greenwood, including above the Keesler Bridge; on Howard Street; above the Walthall Bridge; at Whittington Park Road and Palace Street; at Carrollton Avenue and Barrentine Street; at Bowie Lane and Williams Street; at Fulton Street and Wright Place; at Main and Henry streets; and at Martin Luther King Drive and Avenue F.

The week kicked off Monday with a celebration of 125 years of electricity in Greenwood. The grandchildren of Charles E. Wright, who became commonly known as “the father of public utilities in Greenwood,” were also honored.

Throughout the week, events were organized to showcase what employees of Greenwood Utilities do daily, to give back and to serve the community.

On Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, employees handed out lunch at the Greenwood Community Kitchen. On Thursday, in addition to volunteering at the Community Kitchen, employees made a food donation.

Greenwood Utilities also presented a $6,017 donation check Wednesday to the United Way of Leflore County. The check number was 00125 in keeping with the 125-year anniversary celebration.

Employees also did temperature checks Thursday at Delta Streets Academy.

That afternoon, Greenwood Utilities awarded prizes to coloring contest winners and essay contest winners. Fifty-six essays were submitted from sixth grade students from St. Francis of Assisi School, Leflore Legacy Academy and Pillow Academy. Twenty students entered the coloring contest for third graders from Bankston Elementary and St. Francis schools. Prizes for the students were donated by Lawrence Printing Co., Bank of Commerce, Planters Bank, Staplcotn, Wade Inc. and the Greenwood-Leflore-Carroll Economic Development Foundation.

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