Fairy door

Ainsley Melton points to a purple flower above the fairy door located at Lynbar Jewelers. The door is decorated for Easter.

It’s springtime, and the Greenwood fairies are out and about enjoying the warmer weather.

According to a letter sent to the Commonwealth from “Mindi,” the president of the Greenwood Fairy/Gnome Society, Poppy Clover, the leader of the fairies, has been out of town for winter. For Poppy Clover’s return, the Greenwood Fairy/Gnome Society is seeking help to spruce up their homes for Easter.

Mindi asks, “Will you help us decorate our homes for Easter as a surprise to Poppy?”

The Greenwood Fairy/Gnome Society is holding a contest, and the best decorated fairy door gets a prize from all the fairies. Doors must be decorated by Sunday, so they can be enjoyed for the Easter holiday.

Many Greenwood businesses and organizations have already decorated the fairy doors for Easter.

In the late summer of 2017, these tiny doors began popping up on the sides of storefronts in downtown Greenwood.

The whimsical about 6-inch-tall doors have caught the attention of both children and adults. After some of the doors began to appear, the Greenwood Fairy/Gnome Society created a Facebook page and announced the arrival of “friendly fairy gnomes.”

Follow the society on Facebook at Greenwood Fairy Gnome Homes, and those participating in the contest can post pictures of their creations.

Check out the decorated doors by taking the Greenwood Fairy/Gnome Tour of Homes:

• Smith & Co., 211 Fulton St.

• Guaranty Bank, 122 Howard St.

• ArtPlace Mississippi, 212 W. Washington St.

• Spa 103, 103 Howard St.

• Kix 92.7, 203 Howard St.

• Greenwood Convention and Visitors Bureau, 225 Howard St.

• Lynbar Jewelers, 307 Howard St.

• Monograms and More, 313 Howard St.

• Giardina’s, 318 Howard St.

• Episcopal Church of the Nativity, 400 Howard St.

• Old City Hall, 103 E. Market St.

• Fan and Johnny’s, 117 Main St.

• Viking Range Corporate Office, 111 Front St.

• Mississippi Gift Co., 300 Howard St.

• Bowie Realty, 100 E. Claiborne Ave.

• Contact Ruthie Robison at 581-7233 or rrobison@gwcommonwealth.com.

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