It appears that summer is here! Looks like we might have skipped spring, doesn’t it?

Anyway, it is time to work on our yards. On the front end, let me say that I do not have a “green thumb;” that would be my sister. I do, however, enjoy working in the yard and growing flowers.

Looking back, I think how accomplished my mother was with flowers. We lived near Swiftown with a lake in front of our house. Recently, I went through there and noticed that the lake now has hardly any water in it. Back then when I was growing up, it was a good-sized lake. I spent many hours playing along the banks, throwing rocks at turtles so that they would jump from the logs they were using to “sun.” We even caught fish from that lake, although I don’t think our parents would cook them for us to eat, as the water was very dirty. My friends and I also played on the stacks of logs at the sawmill near our home, as well as crawling through culverts! I cannot imagine children doing that now. Of course, Mama didn’t know that we were doing those things.

Mama had a “green thumb,” too. I doubt that she ever bought plants to put in our yard. She was always given cuttings from other people, neighbors and sometimes her sisters. She could take a cutting from a rose bush and put it in some water in a glass until it grew roots. Then, she would put it in the ground, and it would grow into a beautiful rose bush. She planted them all along the lake bank. We had red and pink roses and sometimes took bouquets to our teachers. She also had hydrangeas, which she used to make our corsages for our piano recital each year. Late in the afternoon, she would get outside with the water hose and water the flowers, as well as run cool water on our house to cool it off.

Of course, we did not have air conditioning back then, and it would sometimes be almost too hot to sleep. I can remember turning my pillow over to the cool side and swapping ends of the bed for a cooler spot.

Later, we had a window fan which worked well at night. It was in a window on the porch and since it blew out toward the porch, our dad would take a nap — a very short one — on the metal glider on the porch where it was cool.

This is just a few of the memories I have, but I am sure you have many more.

Ervilene Pruett is a long-time Greenwood resident and former Staplcotn employee.

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