Since she was a child, Cindy Ferguson has always loved Halloween.

“We had so much fun growing up. We used to trick-or-treat until 10, 10:30 at night,” she said. “It was just good, clean fun.”

Each year, Ferguson goes all out with her elaborate spooky decorations at her home. She has about 18 life-size decorations, which include witches and skeletons. She’s been decorating for Halloween for about 25 years, she said.

When the fall season approaches, “anybody who knows me personally will tell me, ‘It’s about your time to shine,’” said Ferguson, “because they know I love Halloween.”

She puts all of her decorations out at her home along Mississippi 7 on Oct. 1 every year. Her favorites are her life-size figures.

This year, some of her decorations include four skeletons sitting around a patio table playing cards. Another is a skeleton wearing an old wedding dress holding up a sign that says “Waiting ... for the perfect man.” There’s also a skeleton wearing an apron and standing in front of her kitchen sink, looking as if it’s washing dishes. There are witches with long gowns, some that talk and some that have eyes that glow.

“I like to tell everybody I’m doing it for kids but I love it myself, I absolutely love it,” she said.

She said some of her ideas for decorating come from Pinterest.

“I try to move them around and do different things,” she said.

Ferguson’s decorations are not just limited to her home and can be spotted around Greenwood or at the local business she owns with her husband, Jerry, Midsouth Copier Systems. She has a couple she uses to decorate her SUV, and they tend to always cause a scare.

Sitting in her vehicle’s passenger seat is a life-size man wearing a spooky mask. But the one that causes Ferguson to occasionally get pulled over by the police is the rubber lifelike hand hanging out from her trunk.

“I’ve been pulled over many times and gotten in trouble for that hand,” said Ferguson with a laugh.

One year during the fall, Ferguson was driving to Vicksburg. From Greenwood on the way to Tchula, she noticed a car that was driving very close to her bumper.

“I knew what it was — sometimes the hand stays in there for a month, and I forget that it’s in there,” she said. “But when I saw these people on the bumper, I thought, ‘Oh, Lord, they think that hand is real.’”

And they did, because when Ferguson arrived in Tchula, the police chief was on the side of the road waiting for her.

“They had called ahead,” she said.

After being pulled over, Ferguson asked if she was speeding.

The officer told her, “No, you weren’t speeding, but you’ve got to get that out of your trunk,” Ferguson recalled. “I said, ‘It’s not real,’ and she said, ‘I know it’s not real, but it’s not funny either.’”

So Ferguson took the hand — one of her favorite Halloween decorations — out of the trunk. But she admitted, “I got about four miles down the road, and I put it back in there again.”

When she came back through Tchula on her way home, however, she took the hand out again, just in case.

“I get pulled over several times,” she said. “Or someone will say, ‘I heard you got in trouble for your hand in your trunk.’ I always tell everybody, ‘That’s my husband, and that’s what he got for talking back to me this morning.’”

Ferguson also likes to watch the reactions of people passing by her vehicle.

“They walk around, and they’ll jump like, ‘What in the world,’” she said.

Ferguson also likes to wear a Halloween mask and drive around on the holiday in her convertible.

“It is so much fun,” she said.

For Ferguson, Halloween is an exciting time of year filled with fun, laughter, lots of candy and maybe even a good scare.

“We had so much fun as kids trick-or-treating,” she said. “It’s a way for kids to express themselves and be something they wouldn’t normally be ... It’s a fun thing for kids, and I think kids ought to be able to experience it.”

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