Claudine Brown Elementary School is a Level 5 school for the third year in a row.

On Friday, the school did a little celebrating - Texas-style.

Billed as a "boot-scootin', rootin'-tootin'," celebration, students and faculty at the school donned cowboy hats as they celebrated their achievement.

They were joined at the celebration by the cheerleaders and drum line of Amanda Elzy High School.

Even the teachers did a little line dance.

Leaders who attended the celebration included Cedell Pulley, Leflore County School superintendent; Willie Jean Hall, the district's assistant superintendent for curriculum and instruction and Brown's former principal; the school's namesake, Claudine Brown of the Leflore County School Board; Greenwood Mayor Sheriel Perkins; Wayne Self, Leflore County Supervisor for District 4; and Sam Abraham, Leflore County Chancery clerk.

Principal Anita Ware said this year's celebration was dedicated to the "Big Three," the parents, students and staff at the school.

Ware said her job was made infinitely easier by the "seasoned" staff at the school, many of whom have been around since the school opened in 1973.

Being a principal at Brown is easy, she said.

"I sign the checks and they tell me what to do. If I'm not doing it right they will let me know," Ware said.

Brown first achieved Level 5 status in 2004, when Hall served as its principal. Ware has been its principal since that time.

Ware said the school has an open door policy, which allows parents to come in and monitor their child's classes during the day. By taking an interest in their children's studies and progress in school, parents become stakeholders in the school.

"Ownership is a good thing," she said.

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