We have citizens driving on city streets, county roads and through alleyways with potholes you could bury a small vehicle in. Then we have some city and county officials driving new taxpayer vehicles and comparing themselves to God and wanting to decorate in the style of our president.

Then they wonder why people are leaving the area. Here’s their sign.


Sunday alcohol

There’s nothing wrong with having a glass of wine or a beer, depending on what you’re eating, with your Sunday dinner. Bars, though, should be closed on Sundays.

If you want to get drunk, stay home and do it.

Old Buffalo

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Old Buffalo

On the subject of potholes, the alley behind my house is half paved and half gravel. There are potholes all the way down it. About a week ago the city came through and graded the gravel half. Didn't bother to fill in the potholes in the paved half and now potholes are back in the gravel half. It sure would be nice if the city would pave the entire alley. Maybe dig the paved half up, get a steamroller in there and pack the ground the way it should be and then pave the whole alley. The Mayor is so up on making Greenwood look like Madison it would probably be a good thing to pave all of the allies in town. What do y'all think?

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