Cynthia Tucker

Regarding Ruth Jensen’s letter to the editor (“Many Christians are pro-life, pro-child,” April 4):

I’m a Christian as well, but I agree with Cynthia Tucker (“Pro-life until birth,” April 2). Her beef has more to do with state governments’ lack of support for these children. Not to say those states do nothing for the children, but obviously more can be done, given the longstanding state of things.

Tucker also implies that constituents are voting those legislators into office instead of those who support expanding government funding and involvement. So yes, every citizen in those states bears responsibility for the statistics as well.

Yes, volunteers are doing wonderful things every day, but it’s clearly not enough. Government involvement can make more impactful and sweeping improvement if people let it.


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This is in response to Clint Guenther’s letter to the editor (“Tucker column a distasteful attack,” April 5).

Mr. Guenther seems to be a very bitter man. Maybe he should start living by the spirit of the same Bible that he is so fond of quoting. He’s doing the same thing he’s accusing Cynthia Tucker of.

Attacking the Commonwealth proves my point.

Just a Thought

License plates

Mississippi offers vanity tags for special groups, and “I don’t believe in God” tag would be a nice option for our godless friends.

Be proud! Be bold! Let us know who you are so we will not by chance offend you!

Johnny Jennings

Vote reversal

Regarding the article “Board rescinds support for concert” (April 9):

Thank you, Leflore County Supervisor Reginald Moore. The county had no business backing this concert with taxpayer funds.

I am all for supporting economic development projects that provide permanent employment opportunities and local investment. This was way too risky with little return on investment. What kind of return would you expect if it is rained out?

Please continue to be good stewards of the taxpayers’ money.


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