Mary Brown column

Regarding Tim Kalich’s op-ed column “School board opts for insider” (Feb. 16):

What I don’t understand is why this newspaper acts as if it is so concerned with what is going on in either the Greenwood or Leflore County school district when they send their children to Pillow Academy to get away from black kids.

I attended Bankston Elementary School in the ’90s, when parents were OK to send their white children to that school because it was far off from the other schools. But how many of those same kids followed me to Greenwood High? A handful.

How many have sold homes in Greenwood, just to get away from blacks? It is sad to say, but Greenwood is so prejudiced.

Let’s go, Mary Brown. You can do this. Let’s move these schools to an “A” and laugh in the face of adversity. I’m praying for you, and I know God has you!


Chawla-Trump split

Regarding the article “Chawla-Trump hotel deal is off” (Feb. 15):

This is not a surprise to me and many others. I said at the time that it was a bad idea to trust Donald Trump. Trump has destroyed many businesses that have trusted him over the years. The Chawlas should have known that a person such as Trump who can’t tell the truth, can’t be trusted. I hope the lesson has been learned.

I wish them luck in trying to recover from their probably substantial losses.


Sunday liquor sales

Quoting from an article this week (“Sun. wine, liquor sales proposed,” Feb. 20):

‘“Several of the restaurant owners have approached me and asked me why they have liquor licenses and they can sell (liquor) Monday through Saturday but they cannot sell on Sundays,’ (Greenwood Mayor Carolyn) McAdams told the City Council Tuesday.”

It’s because Greenwood has a stick up its booty, but hopefully times are changing.


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