Farmland taxes

Regarding the article “Officials push against farm tax relief bill” (March 21):

As a landowner, it has been really hard having the taxes increase 10 percent per year for the last 10 years. I’m sure this county, as one of the poorest in the country, needs more tax revenue, but a handful of people can’t shoulder this burden. We need a break. Taxes have doubled.

Not all landowners are farmers, but before anyone starts talking about “those rich farmers” whose “wives don’t work and drive expensive cars,” this is not the case for all farmers. Most that I know live in modest homes and are conservative, hard-working people, including the wives. They take on huge debt to produce a product to sell at the mercy of the market. One or two “bad” years can put a farmer out of business.

Landowners who rent their land out are seeing less income after paying taxes, and at some point it won’t benefit them to own land. We can’t continue at this pace.

Of course the county is enjoying this increase in funds every year, but it never should have been this way. Too few people are carrying too much of the burden, and they’re not necessarily the rich.


Hiring decisions

The sagas of Greenwood Leflore Hospital and the  Greenwood School  District continue to amaze me.

My daughter and my son both have advanced nursing degrees. Neither applied for nursing positions at GLH. Why? They saw individuals whom they went to elementary and high school with who they know were not critical thinkers but hold positions of supervision or authority at the hospital and education system.

As long as there are those in positions who themselves are not qualified to hire others, Greenwood will continue to get the same results. Hiring relatives, friends, church members, etc., who haven’t been exposed to anywhere else keeps the above organizations “stuck” and talented citizens moving away.

Nothng New

Greenwood schools

In response to the comment by “Helpless in Greenwood” (“My Two Cents,” March 26) about the Greenwood School District:

You sound like a very disgruntled employee. If you are so miserable, why not do your students a favor and quit?

I have taught in the district for 11 years. While my principal and school are not perfect, they are better than most. I love my students and work hard every day.

Based on your comments, if everything is so bad, maybe the problem is you.

Committed to Greenwood

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