Predator clergy

Regarding Tim Kalich’s column (“Despite scandal, why I remain a Catholic,” March 23):

These lists are just an effort to shield the systematic ongoing coverup by bishops. The real “story” lies at the feet of the bishops who moved these predators around and allowed many to simple vanish to other parts of the country and the world. They do this with total disregard for the safety of children. Many who have come forward to report have been maligned and marginalized.

Even then, the list released by the Diocese of Jackson has already been proven to be short by at least four names. Reporting dates were manipulated so that they appear to have been made after the molester died.

You cannot trust a self-reporting institution that is being proven daily to continue to fool the public and its congregations.

clifford Hill

MVSU athletics

Regarding the article “Valley looking for new men’s hoop coach after Payne fired” (March 27):

Typically when multiple head coaches are fired — or should I say contracts not renewed — and the coaches who are winning decide to leave, the athletic director is sent packing, too, and the university president, if they are not a part of progress.

My HBCU can and will be great again on and off the field. IHL, the ball is in your hands.

Shot Clock

Fake news

Regarding the letter to the editor by Pat Ellis (“Fake news is hurting our country,” March 28):

Finally, a voice of reason!


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