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President Trump should be feeling pretty good about Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation of the 2016 election. It’s not a clean bill of health, but it’s close enough for Trump and his fellow Republicans.

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... but whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in me to sin, it would be better for him to have a great millstone fastened around his neck and to be drowned in the depth of the sea. — Matthew 18:6

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The Mississippi Legislature has sent Gov. Phil Bryant a bill addressing school safety — specifically, efforts to identify students who may become violent or to stop anyone who comes into a school with a gun and the intention to use it.

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Among the ideas Mississippi Attorney General Jim Hood is promoting in his campaign for governor is making the Legislature subject to the state’s Public Records Act.

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Those who have some experience in reading the mood of the U.S. Supreme Court came away from Wednesday’s hearing on the Curtis Flowers case certain that it’s going to be a slam-dunk reversal of his latest capital murder conviction.

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Troubled young people can always use more help. Hopefully a new cellphone app will guide a few of them in that direction.

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MERIDIAN — Is Mississippi only pro-life when it’s easy? Or are we pro-life when it’s hard, too?

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Unless Gov. Phil Bryant exercises his veto power, Mississippi is about to take a huge step backward in letting voters know who is bankrolling whom in elections.

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On the subject of openness, here comes yet another example debunking the argument for the secrecy under which Mississippi’s College Board conducts its searches for university presidents.

STARKVILLE — The social media hysteria, threats of political retribution, and withering criticism of Mississippi senior U.S. Sen. Roger Wicker’s vote in favor of a resolution of disapproval for President Donald Trump’s Feb. 15 national emergency declaration aside, Wicker’s vote was the right one.

Here’s a difference between the races that ought to be more thoroughly discussed but rarely is: Federal research says that in 2016, the average black family had a net worth of $17,100 — one tenth the $171,000 in assets of the average white household.

Mississippi, and acutely the Delta, certainly suffers from a shortage of decent, affordable housing. For that reason, the state made a good backdrop for Democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren to pitch her remedy.

JACKSON — Mississippi House members upped the ante last week on their Senate colleagues when they overwhelmingly voted to provide public school teachers a sizable $4,000 pay raise over two years.

A new rule proposed by the Trump administration would make patients aware of the negotiated prices between insurance companies and health-care providers.

This year, Mississippi State’s men’s and women’s teams and the Ole Miss men have qualified for their respective NCAA basketball tourneys.

The college admissions cheating scandal has obviously hit a nerve. Every editorial cartoonist to which the Commonwealth subscribes has weighed in since the story broke, some more than once.

MERIDIAN — “Half of Mississippi’s rural hospitals at risk of closing, report says,” read the startling headline in Mississippi Today.

Dating back to at least the 1860s, there have been several variations for the maxim about getting things done and not worrying about receiving credit for them.

On the subject of credit for Republicans, we’ll give some to Sen. Roger Wicker for voting to block President Trump’s effort to usurp the power of Congress to decide how federal money is spent.

President Trump says his former personal lawyer Michael Cohen asked him for a pardon. But Cohen testified before Congress, “I have never asked for, nor would I accept, a pardon from Mr. Trump.”

Some principles are worth fighting for, especially when someone else is ponying up the money to pay for the fight.

OXFORD — Five of us were relaxing around a table in the clubhouse after a recent round of golf when the conversation turned to a certain individual who obviously has some character flaws.

NORTH CARROLLTON — My earliest memories growing up here in Carroll County was as a child playing in Big Sand Creek. As the creek makes its way through the countryside of Carroll County, there are many beautiful scenes. This I found at an early age. There is a lot of potential with the future…

To some degree, the resistance to mandatory child vaccinations is an outgrowth of a skepticism grounded in experience. Given the number of times that politicians or government agencies have been caught lying or hiding information during the past, it is no surprise that some people question t…

The Department of Veterans Affairs has proposed allowing veterans to get their government-sponsored care at private hospitals and clinics if government-run facilities are not nearby or the waiting list for treatment is long.

STARKVILLE — The 2019 Mississippi Republican primary for attorney general will pit three veteran GOP politicians against each other for the right to become Mississippi’s first GOP attorney general since George Emrick Harris in 1878.

A clear signal that Mississippi’s campaign season has opened came Monday in the House of Representatives, when lawmakers agreed to quadruple a proposed $1,000 increase in the pay scale for teachers.

You can tell it’s an election year in Leflore County, and it’s not just the campaign signs that are starting to sprout up.

JACKSON — For 24 years, the speaker of the Mississippi House hailed from a district that included a portion of rural Prentiss County in northeast Mississippi — first Tim Ford for 16 years and then Billy McCoy for eight years.

As the latest exhibit of how corrupting big-time college athletics has become, we offer the reaction of Louisiana State University fans at their first opportunity to publicly express their sentiments about a report that their coach may have been caught in a scheme to pay off players.

It’s an unfortunate given that the subject of budget deficits is rarely high on anybody’s list of important topics. But the idea of the federal government spending $1 trillion more each year than it receives in taxes is hard to understand.

A majority of states need to replace their aging election equipment, but the need is most severe in a dozen that are the most susceptible to tampering.

Alex Trebek is best known for hosting the popular TV game show “Jeopardy!” for the past 35 years. But with his announcement this past week that he has Stage IV pancreatic cancer, Trebek can do a world of good by becoming the face of a disease that has the highest mortality rate of all cancers.

JACKSON — Earlier this year, President Trump signed into law The First Step Act, a first step toward criminal justice reform. The goal is to reduce the sky-high U.S. incarceration rate, which is five times higher than other developed countries in the world.

Mobile homes are an essential element of America’s residential makeup. But when a large investment company that owns thousands of them talks about its role in providing “affordable housing,” it’s an obvious warning signal.

If R. Kelly was expecting his interview this week on “CBS This Morning” would cast doubts about his guilt on sex-abuse charges, the singer was badly mistaken.

JACKSON — In many ways, the 2003 gubernatorial campaign was the birth of the modern powerhouse Mississippi Republican Party.

When a police officer kills a citizen, should his identity be kept secret? Jackson Mayor Chokwe Antar Lumumba thinks not. A special task force appointed by the mayor on the issues agrees. But the Mississippi Bureau of Investigation, which investigates fatal police shootings, has refused to a…

When it was first announced that the Greenwood-Leflore School District was seeking a grant to provide all of its 5,000 students with a computer tablet, it seemed improbable — given the million-dollar price tag — that it would happen.

STARKVILLE – One of the more interesting political 11th-hour developments as the March 1 qualifying deadline approached came in the Mississippi secretary of state’s race with the surprising entry of incumbent Republican Southern District Public Service Commissioner Sam Britton into that GOP …

It’s too easy to criticize public education — its shortage of certified teachers, its rising administrative expenses, the administrators and lawmakers who are unable or unwilling to make substantial improvements.

As the Mississippi Legislature ponders how much of a pay raise to give schoolteachers, one of the claims often voiced by raise backers is that teachers have not received one since 2014.

One of the most important issues in statewide elections this year — especially in the races for governor and lieutenant governor — has to be whether Mississippi is missing the boat, and endangering the economy and the public health, by not expanding Medicaid.