Willie Dickson

Willie Dickson, manager and personal trainer at Greenwood’s Snap Fitness, earned his certified trainer tag four years ago.

Willie Dickson is all about physical fitness.

He works out about five times a week, and when he is not, the certified personal trainer is helping others reach their goals.

Dickson, 33, has been the manager/trainer at Snap Fitness since it first opened in Greenwood nearly a year ago.

“One of the coolest parts of my job is interacting with so many people from all different backgrounds and aiding them in their fitness goals,” said Dickson, who became a certified personal trainer four years ago.

The 2004 Greenwood High School graduate was a successful athlete for the Bulldogs, excelling in football and baseball. At one time, he thought he might like to be a coach, but things changed after he got a Bachelor of Science degree in health, physical education and recreation from Mississippi Valley State University in 2012.

“I learned from my time at Valley that this area was in need of more trainers. There are a lot of people in this community who need the right push or the right direction to achieve better fitness results,” he said. “I try to work out as much as possible to maintain and to set a good example for our clients. I try to lead by example.

“I am a homegrown guy trying to give back to the community because this area needs help in health awareness. I really take pride in my job, and it helps when you see people getting the results they are seeking.”

His favorite part of the job is helping folks get their blood pressure and cholesterol numbers down as a result of their training with him in the gym.

“When they get totally off the medication, you know you have done your job,” Dickson said. “There are no more excuses since we are open 24 hours a day all seven days a week. We can accommodate anyone’s schedule.”

The one constant in the gym business, he said, is the influx of new members at the start of each year, but those numbers tend to dwindle some during the summer and fall. He said it’s a cycle he sees every year.

“So now, we have an increase in gym activity that will ease up when folks get busy in the summer and want to be outdoors more,” he said. “Hopefully, more people will get the results they are looking for this spring and stay with it.”

His job at Snap Fitness is to show newcomers the basics of working out, get them comfortable with the equipment and get them a plan to get started.

Dickson said exercise is not only about weight loss or building muscle mass but about having the stability and strength to thrive in your daily life.

“No matter where you are in your fitness journey, functional training is pivotal in your exercise routine to live a long, healthy life,” he explained.

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