The Greenwood School District has agreed to fund more than half of the Greenwood-Leflore School District’s budget.

During its meeting on Monday, the Greenwood School Board approved a memorandum of understanding between the consolidated district, the Greenwood district and the Leflore County district.

Under the memorandum, the Greenwood School District will contribute 55 percent of the consolidated school district’s funding, and the Leflore County School District will contribute 45 percent if the interim superintendent, Dr. James Johnson-Waldington, approves.

The consolidated district’s budget, which will last until the end of June, is $165,000, according to Deirdre Mayes, the president of the consolidated school board.

During the consolidated board’s meeting last week, Mayes said it is unable to pay any bills, including its contract with the Mississippi School Boards Association, the organization assisting the board’s search for a superintendent.

The board also heard about three Greenwood High School seniors who are at risk of not graduating this year.

“Three students are one credit short of graduating with their 2019 (class),” said Dr. Jennifer Wilson, the superintendent.

The students have passed all state assesments but still need English 4. They can take the class through the state’s online platform.

Wilson said that the district’s student handbook prohibits students from taking two English courses simultaneously and that Greenwood High is requesting it be waived.

Board member Randy Clark asked Dr. Kenneth Pulley, principal of the high school, what circumstances have led to these students being one credit short of graduating. Pulley said the students had failed a course early on, which made them one year behind when it came to English.

Board member Antwoine Williams asked Pulley if he thinks these students are able to pass the online course.

“These students are willing to work hard and do what they need to do in order to finish,” Pulley said.

The board approved the waiver, with Clark opposing.

In other business, the board:

• Approved two donations. One, for $1,200, comes from an anonymous donor to allow 50 Greenwood Middle School students to attend a Memphis Grizzlies basketball game in March, Wilson said.

Telecommunications provider Suddenlink also donated $1,000 to Greenwood High School. Wilson said the donation will be used to place a banner in the school’s gym and to distribute school contact information magnets to students and parents.

• Allowed the district to apply for a equipment assistance grant, offered by the Mississippi Department of Education. The grant provides more than $17,000, which would help the district purchase a new freezer for Threadgill Primary, Wilson said.

• Allowed the district to sell three school buses for scrap metal and then collect the fees.

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