Humane Society event

Gearing up for the Leflore County Humane Society’s fish fry are, from left, Aubrey Whittington, Martha Randall, Janice McCurdy, Betty Grantham and Teresita Scott, all board members; Hugh and Katie Atkinson, volunteers who are organizing the fundraiser; and Aden Pryor, Claudia Henson and Lyn McCool, all board members.

Ruthie Robison

The Leflore County Humane Society will hold a fish fry fundraiser during lunchtime on Thursday.

Catfish plates can be purchased for $10 each from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Thursday at the Elks Lodge, 815 Sgt. John Pittman Drive.

Each plate will include four pieces of fried catfish, french fries, slaw and hushpuppies.

America’s Catch donated the fish, breading and hush puppies, and Greenwood Market Place donated the fries and slaw.

Proceeds will go toward the Humane Society’s new building fund.

“We just need everybody’s support; it’s just as simple as that,” said Aubrey Whittington, president of the Humane Society’s board. “Everybody’s got to eat. It’s good food, so come out and join us.”

The shelter has raised enough money to begin construction soon but still needs donations to provide the facility necessities such as fencing.

“We do not really want to shrink the building, but we may have to because of lack of funds, and we will not go into debt over this building,” said Whittington.

The new shelter will be located on 4.25 acres of land at the end of Cypress Avenue, and the ground has already been prepared to begin construction.

The project is being led by John Powers, president of RC Construction; Todd Goss, who is overseeing the design of the shelter at RC Construction; and Solon Scott, president of Scott Petroleum.

Whittington said at least about $50,000 is still needed.

“It’s up to the community,” she said. “People have been very, very generous, but we just need a little deeper pockets.”

Whittington said those interested in donating can buy something such as a run and have it memorialized. She also said that donations big and small are all important, including donating $10 for a catfish plate this Thursday.

“Every little bit counts,” Whittington said.

Even though the Humane Society needs a new, updated facility, it is a well-maintained, high-quality shelter.

Recently a group of Mississippi State University College of Veterinary Medicine students toured the facility.

“These students were asked to come to see how a well-run shelter works,” Whittington said.

The students got to see the before and after of cleaning the shelter, which takes place several times a day, and all the paperwork that goes into running a shelter and how it’s organized.

“I was very pleased and flattered that they would come to see our shelter,” said Whittington. “It proved to me that we are doing a good job and we’ve come a long way ... and it’s going to keep going like that and continue because that’s the only way the shelter will last.”

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