The city of Greenwood will offer  a period of amnesty for those who have outstanding fines that have not been paid, Police Chief Ray Moore says.

“It’s a considerable amount of back fines,” he said. Almost $2.8 million is overdue.

From Friday, Feb. 8, until Friday, March 15, anyone who has not made payments on back fines may report to the Municipal Court, 406 Main St., to set up a payment program at the court clerk’s office without fear of being arrested, Moore said.

Municipal Judge Carlos Palmer “has authorized that anyone with outstanding contempt of court warrants for failure to pay fines, those warrants will be put on hold,” Moore said.

Fines are issued to individuals after they have been found guilty in court. Fines for contempt of court are tacked on if they do not make payments on their original fines.

Moore said he, Palmer and Mayor Carolyn McAdams decided to “put their heads together” to create an amnesty period as a way to start collecting fines that are still owed. The city has offered an amnesty period in the past.

According to Felicia Bedell, Municipal Court clerk, $2,778,553 in fines were overdue  as of Friday. The amount represents fines that are 30 days past due. They cover a period starting on Jan. 1, 2000.

Moore said that life obstacles can get in the way of making payments, such as losing a job or having a sick family member.

“We don’t want to lock anybody up, but these back fines have to be paid,” Moore said.

Those with questions may call the Police Department at 453-3311 and ask for Municipal Court.

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