State Sen. David Jordan dropped by the Leflore County Board of Supervisors meeting Monday to discuss a handful of topics, including his support for rights-of-way for C Spire cable along county roads and getting BP oil spill money for the county, but the board really wanted to discuss one thing with the Greenwood Democrat: school consolidation.

Supervisors explained they have instructed the board’s attorney, Joyce Chiles, to request a second state attorney general’s opinion on whether the upcoming appointment of a new member to the Greenwood-Leflore Consolidated School District Board must be from county District 1. Several of the supervisors have complained that some areas of the county will not be represented initially on the consolidated school board.

As it stands now, the consolidated board would be represented by two residents from supervisory District 1, two from District 2 and one from District 3.

“I disagree with that,” said Jordan, saying he would meet with someone in the Attorney General’s Office Wednesday when he is in Jackson.

Board of Supervisors’ President Anjuan Brown, who represents District 3, said the supervisors are requesting that the consolidated school board, which will pick the new member, be given the option of selecting the appointee from Districts 4 and 5.

The law requiring the consolidation of Greenwood and Leflore County school districts by July 1, 2019, mandated that the new board for its first year would consist of three members of the city board along with two newly elected members. However, District 3's Samantha Milton, who is a sitting member of the Greenwood board, was elected Nov. 6 to serve on the consolidated board, and that created a vacancy for the appointed position she otherwise would have filled.

The attorney general’s opinion, dated July 1, said the vacant position would have to be filled by someone from District 1 because Milton’s appointed slot was to be filled in 2020 by someone elected from District 1.

Before the consolidation discussion, Jordan said C Spire is improving rural access to its coverage.

Joseph Armstrong of Monroe, Louisiana, who works for a C Spire contractor, told the board the company is laying “fiber” from Jackson to Clarksdale.

The board approved rights of way to C Spire along County Roads 147, 145, 144, 441 and 252, as well as a similar request from AT&T on County Road 26.

The board also approved:

•A $5,000 contribution  to The Salvation Army.

•Purchasing 1.5 acres from Steve Scott and 0.6 acre from Viking Range LLC as part of the connector road project designed to link Viking Road with area highways. Shane Correro of Willis Engineering told the board the county is being reimbursed with state aid money.  The Scott property’s price is $9,500, and Viking’s is $6,775.

•Closing the courthouse at 1 p.m. Friday for the Roy Martin Delta Band Festival/Christmas Parade.

Supervisors Sam Abraham and Robert Moore were not present at Monday’s meeting.

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