Missing marker

A green metal marker noted the historical significance of the Civil War site at Fort Pemberton in Greenwood until the sign was stolen around 1970. A division director with the Mississippi Department of Archives and History is promoting adding a new metal marker to complement the nearly 50-year-old granite one installed there.

Brother Rogers has spent the last five years documenting all of the historical markers in Mississippi.

The state Department of Archives and History’s communications director has posted photos of more than 1,400 of them, most of which he’s photographed himself, on the website www.mississippimarkers.com.

Dozens of the iconic metal green markers, though, have disappeared since the state historical agency launched the program in 1949, including one that used to stand at Fort Pemberton, a Civil War site near the Tallahatchie River on the western edge of Greenwood.

Rogers said he didn’t know what happened to the marker, but would like to.

A search of the Commonwealth’s archives provides the answer.

The marker, which was erected in 1950, was stolen sometime around 1970. That year, the Leflore County Board of Supervisors approved erecting a granite marker to take its place. The granite marker, which tells the story of how Confederate forces at Fort Pemberton temporarily stalled Union General Ulysses S. Grant’s drive toward Vicksburg, still stands today.

Rogers said that although the granite marker is “very good,” he would like to see Greenwood raise the roughly $2,000 it would take to complement the existing marker with one of the state’s metal markers. That would make the site look more official, he said.

The Department of Archives and History arranges for the markers to be cast by an Ohio manufacturer and approves the wording on them, but all of them are privately funded, Rogers said.

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