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Workers with the Mississippi Communications Services of Carrollton install a camera and wireless equipment Tuesday atop a tower along Howard Street, owned by Greenwood’s Housing Authority.

The city of Greenwood has begun efforts to deter criminal activity through surveillance.

Workers with the Mississippi Communications Services of Carrollton installed a fixed camera and wireless equipment Tuesday atop a tower on Howard Street owned by the city’s Housing Authority.

Other cameras will be placed throughout the city and relay their signals through receiver dishes placed on the tower, Mayor Carolyn McAdams said. Live signals from the cameras placed throughout the city will be relayed to the Police Department’s dispatch room for monitoring.

“We have to have a tower for these surveillance cameras to ping off each other,” McAdams said.

The camera on the tower is the first to be installed, she said.

The wireless surveillance system will cost $59,000 and was approved at an August City Council meeting. The city will also pay $100 per month for rental of the tower.

McAdams said she would like to cover all of Greenwood, but “we’ve got to start out slow with the money aspect.”

The mayor said she hoped the cameras would be a deterrent to  shootings and illegal dumping of trash, tires and building supplies.

McAdams said people dump these materials throughout the city, from the U.S. 82 underpass to the banks of the Yazoo River to alleyways in south Greenwood.

“It’s very unsightly,” she said. “We’ve gotten complaints from the neighbors, which I do not blame them.”

The city ends up paying the costs of illegal dumping by using its resources and personnel to transport the trash to the Leflore County Landfill.

The surveillance cameras will give Greenwood the “coverage we need to prosecute these people,” she said.

“This is the only way to get some coverage of shootings and crimes in the city,” McAdams said. Aside from capturing people’s faces, she said, the cameras could pick up car tags.

Clarksdale installed a SkyCop camera earlier this month in a crime-ridden area.  Since the installation, 911 calls have dropped, residents said, as reported by Fox 13 Memphis.

McAdams said that if people are caught in the act of a crime, they may think twice.

“We’re doing everything proactively and aggressively to stop all of this,” she said.

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The original article listed the wrong amount the city will pay to rent the tower. 

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