Brady Canright

The Rev. Brady Canright, originally from the Dallas area, has been getting acclimated to his new ministerial role as the pastor at First Baptist Church in Greenwood.

Lauren Randall

The new pastor at Greenwood’s First Baptist Church is excited about the possibility of change and new opportunities in the church and the community. 

The Rev. Brady Canright, originally from the Dallas area, moved from First Baptist Church in El Dorado, Arkansas, where he was a student ministry pastor, to become the full-time senior pastor in Greenwood.

“We have a lot of changes that we need to make, and I think the church realizes that,” Canright said. “We are just kind of beginning to get in and ask some questions and try to make some small changes.”

Canright began his new position June 1. He has been collaborating with other church members on how they can move the church forward and what changes need to be made, he said.

“We are really trying to ask that question and let God set the agenda on what we are trying to be about,” Canright said. “The church has been kind of looking for that vision and that direction, and I hope that we can find that together.”

Canright hopes to be involved and have partnerships with different organizations in the community.

The two things that drew him to the position are the people in the community and the opportunity to lead the church and develop change, he said.

“You could tell these people were genuine people and that they would be lifelong friends and family,” Canright said. “All of our family is back in Texas. We’re not just looking for a church home, we are looking for a family.”

Canright graduated from Ouachita Baptist University in 2009 and moved back to Dallas to work for a year. In 2010, he was asked to be the student pastor at First Baptist Church in El Dorado, where he had interned while in college. During his time as student pastor, Canright attended Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary and graduated in 2015.

He didn’t always know that he wanted to be a pastor but believes God played a role in his calling and gave him the skills and purpose to move forward, he said.

The transition from student pastor to senior pastor has not been difficult, but there are some differences between the two positions, such as the teaching responsibility, he said.

“God has in the last couple of years prepared me for that role and has given me some unique experiences to try and help make that transition time a little easier,” Canright said. “You see a lot of student pastors become senior pastors because there is so much similarity there and that is a good opportunity to kind of learn and get experience in that.”

Canright is joined in Greenwood by his wife, Katy. The couple are expecting their first child, a girl, in December.

The couple have felt confident and comfortable with their move, they said. They are excited to raise a family here.

“It felt like home very quickly,” Katy Canright said. “You kind of start to picture church as one side but then also what life is going to look like. It was very easy to picture life here.”

Brady Canright said he has been working with the search team that hired him for the position as he transitions into his new ministerial responsibilities.

“It is a little bit intimidating, but the search team that brought us here was so great about just being honest about where the church was at and what the church needed. They have been the main people that we have worked with in trying to transition here and trying to figure out what works,” Canright said.

“I still meet with them even as we move forward. They are kind of my sounding board for things we are trying to do and help give me some good feedback.”

Canright said he has one main goal for Greenwood.

“I just want people in this community to be excited about what God is doing.”

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